- Special Promotions -


Share the love, not the tank (that would be tight!) Bring your friends and enjoy the after float buzz together! 

3 people for 60 minute floats - RM 320

3 people for 90 minute floats - RM 380

(SAVE RM100.00)


- Bundle Packages -

Float for Health offers special bundle packages, where customers are able to purchase a package of floats for a cheaper price.  Great idea if you're looking to share floats amongst family members and friends. Floats can be used anytime and have a 10 month expiration date.


 Small Bundle Package - RM 350.00

Includes: Three 60 minute floats (Save RM70.00)

Medium Bundle Package of 6 - RM 650.00.00

Includes: Six 60 minute floats (Save RM 190.00)

Large Bundle Package - RM 900.00

Includes: Nine 60 minute floats (Save RM360.00)

Extra Large Bundle Package - RM 1800.00

Includes: Twenty 60 minute floats (Save RM1000.00)


 Small Bundle Package - RM 400.00

Includes: Three 90 minute floats (Save RM80.00)

Medium Bundle Package of 6 - RM 760.00

Includes: Six 90 minute floats (Save RM 200.00)

Large Bundle Package - RM 1070.00

Includes: Nine 90 minute floats (Save RM370.00)

Extra Large Bundle Package - RM 2100.00

Includes: Twenty 90 minute floats (Save RM1100.00)