How To Prepare For Your First Float

In order to maximize the full transcendental potential of the experience, it is crucial that you arrive to the Float Center with the right attitude and preparedness.  Coming in to float in order to “kill some time” or impress your girlfriend is not conducive to the achieving all that is possible with a holistic experience such as this.

Try to schedule your appointment at a time when it is easiest for you to relax, similar to a time when you would book a massage. It is recommended that you plan ahead as not to have strenuous or stressful activities post the session, so that you can slowly unwind and absorb your experience in a calm, relaxed state to get the most out of it.

Any physical activity such as yard work, working out, etc. prior to your appointment will enhance your overall experience.   Your body and mind will be more ready to deeply relax and succumb to the healing properties of the Epsom salts, as well as to let go metaphysically. 

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment time. We will greet you with refreshments and give you a briefing and answer any of your questions; we want you to feel welcomed and as relaxed as possible.

How do I get in and out of the float tank?

  1. Once you enter the float room, please remove all clothes and all jewellery. Shower to remove all oils, deodorants, and hair products; all shower and float essentials are provided within the room.
  2. Dry your face to avoid distracting water droplets, insert your silicone earplugs and slowly & carefully step into the tank.

  3. Sit on the floor of the tank. The audio of your preference will help ease you into the experience when you are ready, switch off the light. The music will slowly fade away after 5-10 minutes.

  4. Lie back, resting your head into the water, legs extended and arms over your head or extended at your side. Your ears will be under the water line, but your face will remain above it. The several positions will be explained to you beforehand, you may try them out and see which is best suitable for you.

  5. The audio and lights will gently fade on and a chime will sounds when your session is complete.

  6. Exit the tank slowly, then shower again to remove any salty residue.

  7. Once you're dressed, please exit the room and head to the after float area, where we'll provide you with some refreshments and talk to you about your experience. 

Other things to keep in mind... 

In the event you have showered at home prior to your session, it is still required that you will take advantage of our shower facilities in your private spa, before entering the float tank.  This is an extra measure to insure the overall hygiene and cleanliness of our facilities for the next floaters. Accordingly all deodorant, hair products, body lotions, makeup, perfumes, and colognes must be removed prior to floating.  Additionally, we also recommend the removal of any jewelry and accessories, as they will only distract from the weightlessness of your overall experience.

The salt water will not harm colored or treated hair, however, we ask that you wait a minimum of 48 hours after your hair treatment so as not to contaminate the water in the pod.

 Please refrain from sun tanning or spray tanning sessions prior to floating.  Your skin requires time to heal, and may be extra sensitive to the high intensity of salt solution and other cleansing agents. 

 If you have large cuts or open wounds, are experiencing an illness, or your session falls during your menstrual cycle, please contact us so we may advise you properly.  As a general rule floating under such physical conditions is not recommended. 

 It is very important and best not to have a big meal or any caffeine within a minimum of two hours prior to your scheduled appointment. You should avoid caffeine even longer before your appointment if you are sensitive to it.  Failure to not adhere to this recommendation may result in some physical unease and discomfort during your session.  

  Do not shave for at least 4-6 hours before your float, as the highly concentrated salt solution will sting your skin.  If you have any smaller cuts or scratches, we will provide liquid band-aid to cover those up.

 Towels, shampoo, soap, earplugs, and other amenities are provided for you.  You will have your own personal spa suite with open-air float tank, private shower, and dressing area … as well as full access to the after float lounge directly outside the float room.  Our facilities are limited for those wanting to do hair and makeup before an evening out, so please let us know if you need extra time.    

You will not need to bring any swimsuit gear or other clothing for you to float with.   As mentioned, no clothing of any kind is allowed in the tanks for sanitary reasons, as well as both the overall physical and spiritual aspects of the experience.  It’s easy to understand how even the feel of any clothing becomes an attachment to the ‘physical’ awareness and distractive to the ultimate purpose of the float.  In the tanks you are intimately in tune with your Body and Mind, and can truly let everything go and enjoy the ride.  It’s fun!