Frequently Asked Questions


Do i need to bring anything?

If you have longer hair, you may want to bring a comb. Also, something to put your contact lenses into while you’re in the tank. We provide the essentials; a towel, robe, earplugs, hairdryer, cotton buds, natural moisturiser, make-up remover, shampoo, conditioner, body wash. Feel free to bring anything else you may need.


How are the tanks kept clean? 

The high saline content of the floatation environment plus a tiny amount of disinfectant ensures that nothing harmful can survive within the tank. 

The highly sterile salt water is fully filtered four times between each float, passing through a 1 micron filter and is sanitised with O-zone and with the same chemical sanitiser used to treat drinking water. Further cleanliness is assured as we tell all customers to shower before and after each float session. For more information on how its completely safe to float please look at our Sanitation & Hygiene page.


Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely. You will not be able to float together in the same room or tank, but you can book floats at the same time, as we have 4 private float rooms. 


Is this new-age mumbo jumbo? and why Haven't i heard about it before?

Floating was first invented by neurosceintist John C. Lilly 50 years ago, where he conducted multiple experiments which were far ahead of his time. 

Over the past 10 years, due to the increasing change of environment, increase in competition, from getting good grades in school, to working harder for a promotion. People are having to deal with much higher stress and anxiety than ever before in their daily lives. Which is why floating is exploding globally, with over 700 float centres now open worldwide and hundreds of research papers to back it up. Definitely no mumbo or jumbo here. 


Will I have my own private room?

Yes, you have your own private room equipped with your own personal shower, which you’ll use before and after your float. For this reason, most people do not wear a swimming costume as this presses against the body and takes away from the experience.


What should I do to prepare?

Don’t drink coffee for four hours beforehand (it can make your system jittery). Also, don’t shave or wax since the salt water can irritate your skin. Eating a light meal about an hour to 90 minutes ahead of time stops your stomach from sounding like an angry monster while you float. Other than that, there’s no specific preparation needed. For more tips, please visit our First Timer page.


Are there any side-effects?

Not in the true sense of the word. Some first-time floaters can emerge from the tank feeling slightly nauseous. This is actually a good sign as it indicates that built-up stress is in fact leaving the body. We very rarely experience any cases of nausea in subsequent visits.


Do I get dehydrated from soaking for so long?

No, your skin doesn’t even prune up! You do absorb a lot of magnesium from the Epsom salt, and you won't overdose, as your body will stop absorbing magnesium once you have the optimum levels.


I’m pregnant. Can floating harm my baby?

Absolutely not. Pregnant women love floating! There is even a special position you can float in that relieves all of the weight of the baby off of the mother’s body. The float tank is a wonderful haven to which pregnant women can escape. If you are in your third trimester, or have any concerns, please consult with your physician before coming in.


Can I Float If I'm Menstruating?

We advise you not to float within 48 hours of the beginning of mensuration, after this time period, please follow same protocol as you would when entering a swimming pool


Have any other questions ? please don't hesitate to contact us directly by email or phone