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Float for Health is here to provide the people of Penang the therapeutic service of floating. At our luxury float center, we've designed each of our own custom float rooms to maximize your comfort and provide an exceptional experience. Each of our four float rooms contain an extra-large tub with 500 kilograms of Epsom salt dissolved in 250 gallons of water and heated to 34 degrees celsius. Free from gravity and external stimulation, you are able to relax in a meditative state and sensation from the outside world melts away. Listen to soothing music or float in serene silence in your private, spa-like room. Enjoy total darkness or customize lighting to fit your mood. Floating offers a multitude of benefits for both mind and body. It is safe, all natural and therapeutic.


“Meditation is an investment to your mental health, using float tanks is the only way you can truly experience total sensory relaxation. Everybody should try it, at least twice.”

What is Floating?

Floating is all about nothing: no gravity, no sound or lights. Escape the constant pressures of everyday life for 90minutes. 

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Why Float?

Floating is truly beneficial to all, look at the endless list of benefits floating can provide for you and you're loved ones. 

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Benefits of Floatation Therapy

Stimulates Mindfulness

Effortlessly slip into meditative states, which has a plethora of proven benefits. You’ll feel intensely awake, yet extremely relaxed and clear-headed. Floating also promotes deepened awareness and the ability to be completely in the moment. It can be a meditative experience with the ability to shift brain waves to a lower frequency Theta state, associated with deep relaxation, visualization, and creativity.

Relieves Stress

Allowing the body to float in a weightless environment increases dopamine, releases more endorphins, replenishes neurotransmitters in our brains. Floating induces an ultra-deep relaxation and provides a zen-like afterglow that can last for days. Floating can improve symptoms of depression, anxiety, and insomnia for many. The zero-gravity environment provides a euphoric boost in energy, which is ideal for when we’re jet lagged, sleep deprived, or drained from a long work-week.

Improves Health

Supporting float therapy research shows that float therapy can improve various ailments including decreasing blood pressure and lowering heart rate. It removes stress on muscles, bones and joints. The high concentration of Epsom salt reduces inflammation, regulates electrolytes and stimulates detoxification. Floating also provides an escape to the constant strain from gravity. Floating will release tension stored in muscles and decompress the spine, which is both soothing and effectively relieves chronic pain.

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Floating has now been around for more than 50 years, don't wait any longer to try it out! Float for Health, Penang's only float center, offers four private luxury float rooms in the heart of Penang, located at Vantage, in between Pulau Tikus & Tanjung Bunga, only minutes away from Straits Quay.

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