- Special Promotions -


Share the love, not the tank (that would be tight!) Bring your friends and enjoy the after float buzz together! 

3 people for 60 minute floats - RM 320

3 people for 90 minute floats - RM 380

(SAVE RM100.00)

- Bundle Packages -

Float for Health offers special bundle packages, where customers are able to purchase a package of floats for a cheaper price.  Great idea if you're looking to share floats amongst family members and friends. Floats can be used anytime and have a 10 month expiration date.


 Small Bundle Package - RM 350.00

Includes: Three 60 minute floats (Save RM70.00)

Medium Bundle Package of 6 - RM 650.00.00

Includes: Six 60 minute floats (Save RM 190.00)

Large Bundle Package - RM 900.00

Includes: Nine 60 minute floats (Save RM360.00)

Extra Large Bundle Package - RM 1800.00

Includes: Twenty 60 minute floats (Save RM1000.00)


 Small Bundle Package - RM 400.00

Includes: Three 90 minute floats (Save RM80.00)

Medium Bundle Package of 6 - RM 760.00

Includes: Six 90 minute floats (Save RM 200.00)

Large Bundle Package - RM 1070.00

Includes: Nine 90 minute floats (Save RM370.00)

Extra Large Bundle Package - RM 2100.00

Includes: Twenty 90 minute floats (Save RM1100.00)


- Student Float Rates -

Students can show their student cards and receive a discount on all single floats. Does not apply to the bundle packages listed above. Students can request a special discount on Bundle Packages, however this package can only be shared with other students, and not adults. Please email or call to inquiry about Special Student Bundle Packages)

Single Floats

60 minute float - Rm 100.00

90 minute float - Rm 130.00